Desire Map for Business

January 4th, 2 pm – 5 pm PST

An online event.

Being an entrepreneur or leader can point you towards freedom, accomplishments, and feelings of success. All too often, we jump on the entrepreneurial wagon or take the promotion to realize it is stressful and requires work that doesn’t light us up or allow our gifts and talents to shine. 

We implement strategies the way we see ‘others’ operating and yet it falls flat when we put into action. We worry because we can’t find the time to do ‘it all’ or that there is too much competition and not enough to go around.

When we try to foster a more efficient way of doing things or be a catalyst for change, there is push-back and resistance. Figuring out ‘how’ becomes so overwhelming you wonder why you bother.

Most of us are becoming more confident in following our feelings in our personal lives, but what about in our business or workplace?

Chances are we still aren’t even sure that feelings belong in business or the workplace.

We spend roughly 92,000 hours working over the course of our life making it one of the largest areas of our lives. That deserves to be explored more to ensure we feel good. After all, that equates to 35% of our waking lifetime!

The Desire Map for Business is a workshop for entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers who are open to a different way of doing business that feels good! This workshop will guide you through a feelings-based approach to holistic business and encourages you to explore your ‘WHY’, our most powerful question in all areas of our life.

Through experiential activities, discussions, and reflections we will peel back the layers of what isn’t working so we can develop a plan to change it, and determine what is fueling your drive so you can expand on that.

Discovering how you want to feel in business will create a compass for your decision making to move projects and collaborations forward with more ease and joy. Knowing how you want to feel and using that clarity in your business will have a positive ripple effect on the communities you serve, your employees, your clients and in your personal life.

We will craft a list of intentions and non-negotiables to support how you want to feel and develop a set of healthy boundaries to promote workplace wellness, whether you’re a solopreneur or managing a large team – to make sure how you want to feel is front and center of everything you do. Creating a direct connection to collaborate with the Universe. 

Workshop includes Desire Map Business workbook that will be sent 24 hours in advance to review and a recorded copy of the event.

This course is $60 per person. Complete the form below to register. Once you submit, the next page will give you payment options. Registrants will not be accepted until payment is complete. Registration closes 24 hours before the event.