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PowHer is an experiential program that introduces youth to the fundamentals of emotional literacy, holistic living and setting goals that feel good! Deeply connecting with our divine heart star, that inner voice that is the compass for our intuition will be at the center of this program. 

This session is called “No More Conflama in My Life” and will teach the girls about healthy conflict and drama resolutions. Through fun activities, games, discussion, and journaling, they will cover the following in their four hours together:

–  emotional literacy (learning more about our feelings and their definitions/how  to connect)

–  the conflict and drama triangle including the three roles we can play

–  the circle of self (love, care, compassion, and support) to remain drama free and reaction free

–  the art of saying no and forgiveness

–  an introduction to ‘Your Higher Selfie”, lessons in online drama and conflict

For a more detailed description of PowHer, head HERE.

NOTE* This work encompasses some of the teachings from The Desire Map written by best-selling author, Danielle LaPorte.


By completing this registration form you are agreeing to program fees of $40 per person. Once the registration form is submitted, it will take you to the payment page for details.

Payments are non-refundable, however, 100% transferable to another person or another workshop.

Please register no later than Feb 23.