In person Jan 13 Squamish OR Jan 14th Vancouver. Online Jan 18, Jan 25, Feb 1, Feb 8. In person Feb 10 Squamish OR Feb 11 Vancouver

What if we made 2018 your best year yet? Let’s ditch the resolutions and get to the heart of what really matters, FEELING GOOD!

Our idea of New Year’s resolutions and goal setting is inside out. We constantly create to-do lists, declare what we are going to accomplish, plan and strategize to achieve success, make bucket lists and vision boards, but we never stop to consider the feeling we are chasing and often we fall flat on what we set out to do.

Resolutions Out, Revolutions In is an in-person AND virtual workshop that will guide you to a more holistic, feelings-based approach to goal setting for 2018.

Let’s create ‘ta-da lists’ instead of to-do lists!

Let’s get really clear on how we want to feel and use THAT as a guidance system for our decision making!

Let’s learn how to forgive and let go, so we can become the best, most authentic version of ourselves!

Let’s set intentions and create goals with more soul that are aligned with what our soul longs for.. too FEEL GOOD!

Let’s fully stand in our own POWER in 2018!

The workshop flow:

Jan 13th Squamish OR Jan 14th Vancouver, 1-6pm we will meet in person to connect, engage in experiential activities, journaling and discussions to build a strong foundation for diving deep through this work.

What we will cover in the first 5 hours:

  • An overview of the five area’s of our lives and how to holistically life plan
  • Emotional literacy training including learning 150 + positive feelings
  • Learn how to set emotional intentions and use that as a way to communicate with the Universe
  • Our relationship to ambition and goal setting

Thursday, Jan 18, 25, Feb 1 and Feb 8th from 6 pm – 7:30 pm PST we will meet virtually. These will be recorded and sent to participants. So, if you can’t make a session, no problem! You won’t fall behind.

What we will cover in the virtual events:

  • Gratitude and whats not working in your life
  • How we want to feel in all area’s of our lives and determine our core desired feelings
  • Forgiveness and letting go
  • Our stop-doing lists and what we need to say no to
  • Creating intentions to feel the way you want to feel

Solo work outside of virtual events will be expected, plan for 1-2 hours per week.

Feb 10th Squamish OR Feb 11th Vancouver in-person from 1-6 pm, to reconnect, engage in experiential activities, journal and discuss our work to date.

What we will cover in the final in-person event:

  • Goals with more soul
  • Holistic life planning and actually make a plan
  • Design a vision board that represents how you want to feel in 2018

Your investment of $500 includes:

  • The Desire Map Workbook
  • 16 hours instructional time
  • 6 Video recordings
  • Sacred gifts at in-person events as well as tarot card readings, aromatherapy, and nutritious snacks
  • All vision board supplies
  • Desire Map Weekly Planner for the first 12 registrants who have paid

Simply register below and submit. This will take you to the payment page for e-transfer information or to PayPal. Any discounted rates are for e-transfers only. All workshops are 100% transferable to another person or another workshop, but non-refundable.

Early Bird Pricing –  only $450 if you register with a friend and pay by January 1st. 

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