Pow-her is an experiential program that introduces youth to the fundamentals of emotional literacy, holistic living and goal setting that feels good! Through activities and discussion, participants will be taught about 5 life areas and the importance of tapping into each on a daily basis. They will learn to connect and understand their feelings, as well as communicate emotions positively in a fun and supportive environment. Each session will empow~her individuals to set intentions that not only feel good, but that encourage them to become their authentic self!

When we feel the way we want to feel, we can stand in our Pow-her.

When we connect to all aspects of our lives, mind, body, and soul we can stand in our Pow-her.

When we are supported by inspiring people and places, we can stand in our Pow-her.

When we have passion and purpose, we can stand in our Pow~her.

And when we teach our youth to stand in their own Pow-her, we create compassionate, empathetic leaders who truly understand that the world needs more love.

There are 8 sessions in the Pow~her program and each can be done individually as 2-3 hour sessions or hosted as a 2 day event. The first and last session must remain in that order, all other sessions can be done in any order.

  • Introduction to emotional literacy, 5 life areas, setting feel good goals
  • Livelihood and Lifestyle
  • Relationships and Society
  • Body and Wellness
  • Creativity and Learning
  • Essence and Spirituality
  • Mindfulness Meditation, Forgiveness and Letting Go
  • Creating core desired feelings and goals with Soul

Group rates available. Email info@annmariemckenzie.com pricing and dates.