The Conscious Goddess – An Experience

Abundant, authentic, luminous, rooted and in flow with the Universe; I frequently use these five positive feelings to render my life’s decisions. These five feelings are at the center of how I holistically plan each day, month, year and my life; how I create goals with more soul. These are my ‘core desired feelings’ and I use them as a guidance system to realign with my heart and my purpose.

When The Conscious Goddess Festival (TCGF) was brought to the Squamish community, I knew I was meant to be a part of it. I knew it would allow me feel the way I want to feel; because my heart and intuition told me so. Little did I know that by applying to be a keynote speaker, I would end up feeling so much more from this weekend of wellness!

I was given the honor of being one of the keynotes at TCGF late June 2016 to talk about emotional intentions: how to feel the way you want to feel. To share my story of becoming a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator, and to hopefully empower and inspire others to make positive changes in their lives.  In addition, I was interested in the potential of transformation and healing work for myself.

A girlfriend and I headed to the Cheekeye Ranch on the Friday night to be graciously greeted by TCGF ambassadors and take part in the opening ceremonies. A simple, yet profound way to set the tone for the entire weekend. We joined the ceremony circle and the reason why the festival existed and why the people in attendance were there became clear.

We were there to honor, support and connect with each other, ourselves and the sacred land. We were there to share our stories and our gifts. We were there to learn from each other and to shine brighter. We were there to experience the beauty of the divine feminine. We were there to take a time out from our everyday life that so often becomes filled with competition, judgment, fear and anxieties. We were there to heal and to practice loving ourselves.

I had found my tribe. The good vibe tribe. The Conscious Goddess.

Shifting from the main stage, we were asked to find a rock and join in the lighting of the fire that would remain lit by the fire keeper for the entire weekend. Each of us had an opportunity to contribute our rocks in a circle surrounding the fire, representing unity. As I placed my rock, one of the facilitators, with a beating drum in hand said “for the children”.   Surely the fire keeper couldn’t have known that I have worked with children for over 20 years; it was another sign that I had come to the right place.

The festival was bursting with an overabundance of workshops, keynote speakers, ceremonies, and vendors that it was difficult to choose the day’s activities. There was dancing, listening to soulful music, sitting around the campfire sharing stories and spending quiet time along the healing waters of the Cheakamus River, and these are merely some of the activities that made my weekend so enjoyable.

As a result of the TCGF, I now have a stronger understanding of ‘The Goddess of Forgiveness’ and four very powerful statements that can provide deep healing which are: I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you and thank you. Walking with the medicine wheel and incorporating Qi Gong is something I intend to practice more regularly after experiencing it at TCGF.

In the end, a true highlight of TCGF were the facilitators and each person that sat beside me throughout the weekend.  The embraces, smiles, dancing together, singing together, endearing words of encouragement and the teachings have left a significant imprint on my heart.
TCGF is a festival to experience for yourself to truly understand it. I cannot promise you a deep transformation or healing because the experience is different for everyone. What I can assure you of is that in addition to feeling abundant, authentic, luminous, rooted and in flow with the Universe, you will also walk away feeling nurtured, sacred, supported, connected, and loved!

Interested in learning more about uncovering your own core desired feelings and learning how to generate them? Check out The Desire Map Workshops here.

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