The Only Resolution You Should Make

The Only Resolution You Should Make 

A new year brings a new chapter to make changes within our lives. It’s a clean slate. A chance to start over.

Even though I had amazing experiences in 2016 – like being barefoot in Stonehenge, skinny dipping in Algonquin, buying my first home, learning to mountain bike and meeting Danielle Laporte, to be honest, it was challenging too.

I still experience deep grief from the loss of loved ones. Not knowing where we were going to live and if we were going to find something we love and can afford was very stressful.

And to top it off I had not one, but two ankle injuries slowing me down when I was ready to slip it into 6th gear. My first world problems – my life.

In December we reflect on the past year and tell the Universe that we are going to do things differently. We declare that by the time the earth orbits the sun again, we will have transformed that thing that we don’t like about ourselves.

The problem is – we focus on that thing we don’t like about ourselves.  So instead of seeing changes, we see more of what we don’t like because that’s the vibe we are sending out to the Universe.

You know exactly what I am talking about and I guarantee it’s happened to you before. Here’s a common example.

“This year, I am not going to get involved in my families/friends drama.”

Then the next day you get a call and before you know it, you’re back in the drama. Someone else’s problems are once again, your problems.

This is why.

First, all the Universe heard you say was drama. Drama creates feelings like uncertainty, anger, and anxiety. And the language of the Universe is feelings. So it’s hearing you.

That was the vibe that YOU sent out. So the Universe just gave YOU what YOU asked for. 

Second, you forgot how to say no or you felt too guilty to say no. That little voice in your head told you that you were being a terrible person if you didn’t help them sort their lives out. Sacrificing your own mental well-being and therefore sending more vibes of unease, stress, and frustration.

And last, you didn’t tell your family/friends that you are no longer able to be involved in their drama. Let’s face it – that’s a hard conversation to have. You won’t feel good saying it and they certainly won’t feel good hearing it.

You’re likely asking – why even bother making resolutions then? 

I asked the same thing about 3 years ago and I ended up ditching resolutions for a revolution.

Let me explain.

Now, instead of focusing on attaining something outside of myself, I focus within. And that has opened a door with a direct connection to the Universe.

I declared that I wanted to feel luminous, rooted, in-flow with the Universe, authentic and abundance. Day by day I made small choices to feel this way and ended up with – you got it – barefoot in Stonehenge, buying a house, mountain biking and meeting Danielle Laporte (to name a few).

To go within is quite simple (and not so simple too).

Ask yourself – what is the feeling that is attached to the resolution you are setting? 

I know you have been thinking about it! Lose 10 lbs? Less screen time? Finish those creative projects?

Let’s go back to the dramatic family/friends. You don’t want to the drama because it makes you feel stressed, uneasy, anxious, frustrated. So what if you chose to feel at-ease, calm, or joyful? And each day, you focused on that – on feeling good? What if you threw those positive vibes out as your resolution?

You would open your own direct connection to the Universe and when the drama showed up again – and it will, you will be tested – you will ask yourself if the drama is going to make you feel the way you want to feel. And you center yourself in that.

Saying no will become easier. Because you know it will make you feel the way you want to feel. Telling that friend how their actions are affecting you won’t be as scary – because you are doing it out of love for them and yourself.

The more you show the Universe you chose feeling at-ease, calm and joyful – the more at-ease, calm and joyful moments will be presented to you.

It will be challenging at times. You may lose friends. You will doubt yourself. People may question your actions; they may even call you selfish. And the truth is – it is selfish. And that’s ok. The more we take care of ourselves and tend to how we feel the brighter we can shine for others.

The only resolution you should make is to feel good. 

That is how to communicate with the Universe. This is how you achieve your goals to reach your highest potential.

So, I ask you – how do you want to feel this year? 

Focus on that each and every moment, day, week, and year. Be patient with yourself and the process. And you will end up feeling the way you have always wanted to feel.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. You won’t find glory at the center of safety, but at its edge. You won’t find love at a place where you are covered, but in the space where you are exposed. You gotta take some risks. You have to not only pick up the dice, but roll’em. So go ahead, take the gamble. You have nothing to lose except the chance to win. Life is not long enough to spend it on the sidelines.” Neale Donald Walsch

Sending much love and light to you in 2017.


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