Sadness. Old stories to new.

Sadness. I’ve been plagued with it before and it hit me again this week. The last place I spent with my mom and brother before she passed was in Port Dover. We took a photo much like this one with the lighthouse in the backdrop. My brother and I vowed to return each time I visited home and snap another photo with the same scene. That couldn’t happen this year. It’s a long story.

Solo, I ended up heading there on that day I felt off kilter to carry on the tradition. Hoping to find solace from the waves and realign.

Instead, I was flooded with a different and unexpected story. An old story that reminded me of how sad I used to be. All. The. Time. I can see a faint reminder of that woman through my eyes in this photo.

I watched 2 little girls explore a dead fish on the beach with their sand shovels. They were so joyful and delighted at their discovery.

Witnessing this blissful moment snapped me into the present. I’ve rewritten my story. It’s no longer about a broken-hearted disaster, but a self-love, choose your own adventure kinda story.

We all have the power to rewrite our story. To find the bliss in each moment. My sadness that day was a reminder of who I no longer am. Something I needed to fully feel in order to understand the joy like those girls on the beach.

Choosing to feel the pain rather than avoid it, like in my old story, shifted my mindset to be in-flow with the Universe and move towards faith rather than fear. I now have divine faith that I’ll be ok if I move through the pain.

This is the great dichotomy of life. We first grasp who we are not before we embrace who we truly are. I was sad. Now I just feel sadness in certain moments and at the core of my essence, I am joyous, grateful and full of love to give.

So I ask, what part of your old story can help you write a new one?

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