The Short Story

With a desire to create a life filled with mesmerizing camp fires, paddling sacred waters, climbing majestic mountains and a deep yearning to get out of High School as quickly as possible – my career started in Recreation and Leisure Services.

This journey took me on an adventure in facilitation, leadership, and experiential education. For 20 years, I’ve worked with youth, families, corporations and communities developing and facilitating programs that promote wellbeing.

In 2014 I lost my mother to cancer. It happened quickly but I was fortunate to have the time to assist her in the transition. Being a light warrior for my mother inspired me to step into my authentic self. I’ve always been a passionate spirit on a path of self discovery but losing her made me question everything. It inspired me to start my own business, get back to doing things that I love, and utilizing my unique talents.

Through personal development, books, people and experiences, I take what resonates with my divine self and hold it close to my heart. I also take beliefs that no longer serve me and let them go. A simple combo that has shaped who I am today.

Being a champion for change, I aim to use the transformative powers of nature to promote wellness by gently guiding people outside of their comfort zone to where all of the magic is! I love mother nature and often use her beautiful playground as a catalyst for growth and self awareness.

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