Working one-on-one with Ann Marie is an opportunity to get the personal attention and accountability necessary to fulfill those big dreams, in a way that honors how you want to feel. Feelings first will be the foundation for everything you do.

Connecting in a one-on-one setting allows for:

  • Greater clarity on how you want to feel, your purpose and how to get there
  • Empowered decision-making for more ease and confidence
  • Creating more meaningful goals with intention that are in alignment with your passions
  • Eliminating doubt, worry and fear that keeps you playing small
  • Deeper, more authentic connections

One-on-one offerings include…..

The Desire Map or The Desire Map for Business journey. Perfect for those who prefer not to work in a group setting, or haven’t been able to align the stars and join a workshop.

Facilitator Coaching for Desire Map and FireStarter Facilitators who are ready to shine bright and begin offering their own workshops, but could use guidance and accountability from a Master Desire Map Facilitator.

Teens who could use a little extra TLC from a mentor and who are open to decreasing stress, building better relationships, loving themselves more and creating holistic goals.

Perhaps YOU would like to integrate this work with a new clientele or develop your own program and you could use a little inspiration and accountability to bring your vision into reality. Ann Marie has extensive experience building programs for all ages.

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