Many of us have our relationship to ambition and goal setting inside out. We’re chasing external stuff we want to do, have, and experience. And we think that when we get there, we’ll feel amazing.

And yes, sometimes we do. But too often, we don’t. We’re in a vicious circle of striving for satisfaction. And even if we reach a goal, we’re onto the next thing that we think will help us feel a certain way.

I know. I’ve been there. An overachieving A-Type who was constantly setting goals, reaching them and yet wondering why I wasn’t happy yet.

Instead, I was stressed. Unfulfilled. And craving more purpose, meaning, and direction in my life. My relationships were unhealthy. Creatively I felt blocked. I rarely had the energy to exercise and I was tired all the time. Emotionally and mentally I was drained and my mindset and mood would reach big highs to big lows like they were riding a never ending rollercoaster.

The Desire Map has been a massive catalyst for growth and transformations for myself and hundreds of my clients. It’s a revolutionary way for clarifying what you truly want in your life.

You get to the heart of the matter. Literally, and figuratively. And use that powerful awareness as strength training for your intuition. A compass for your Soul. When you put your feelings first, you are tapping into the language of the soul.

When you design your life using a feelings-based approach to holistic living, you are collaborating with the Universe.

When you really examine what’s not working in your life, you develop the capacity for change. When you focus on gratitude, you give all of the good stuff an opportunity to grow.

Are you ready to get your soul on the agenda and start creating ta-da lists instead of to-do lists?

In the Desire Map journey you will discover your core desired feelings (CDF’s), a representation of all five areas of your life to manifest holistic happiness.

Goals with Soul will then be designed to honor and support your CDF’s. This is where your Soul becomes strategized.

Soul-anchored declarations, because, feelings first. Inner attunement before outer attainment. Alignment before action. The sweet spot between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. The secret behind The Secret.

By gathering in a group setting and allowing me to be your Transformation Guide, there are more opportunities to deepen the process. To hold each other accountable within a conscious community of like-minded, heart-centered people and navigate blocks, resistance and fear that dim your light.

To offer up your own inner wisdom and support each other in sacred, more intimate ways through vulnerability and authenticity.

To rise up, raise your vibration and expand your light.

As a Master Desire Map Facilitator, you will have opportunities to participate in experiential activities that are not offered within the workbook or with any other Facilitator. These practices will enrich your experience and expand your emotional intelligence.

This exploration in self-leadership isn’t a quick fix. It takes work. Effort. And you will discover how to JOYOUSLY work your ass off while building a handcrafted life you love.

  • Less stress. More clarity.
  • Less pain. More joy.
  • Less striving. More thriving.

“Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity. Generating those feelings is the most powerfully creative thing you can do.” Danielle LaPorte

The Desire Map is offered as 1:1 coaching, with private groups and through events, both online and in-person, for personal and for business.

The Desire Map for Business uses the same principals, theories and holistic experiential approach as the Desire Map. This offering hyper focuses on aspects of your business to determine how you want to feel in your work and design heart-centered strategies that empower your ambition with more inner peace.

“Annie is professional, down to earth, knowledgeable and witty (we laughed a lot). This workshop allowed me to focus on how I want to feel every single day while getting to know a great bunch of ladies. Best self-development workshop I’ve done to date! We all need this in our life at one point or another and wish I would have been open to it sooner. Life changing indeed!”

“When I first signed up for The Desire Map for Business workshop, I had some idea of what we would be learning, but to say I was blown away at the end of the weekend is an understatement. I met the most amazing, genuine and authentic women there. We had the chance to really dive into our beliefs and to uncover and acknowledge how we truly desire to feel in our personal and business lives. There were no judgements as she guided us through creating goals with soul, our core desired intentions and money mindset. As a group we were supported, heard and the good vibes were high! I cannot wait to create the life of my dreams!!”

Susan Thompson
Whimsy Daisy Designs

“I attended a workshop with my team this week that was incredibly powerful and useful. The tools I gained from this experience is absolutely priceless. I immediately implemented these strategies in my business and I’m already seeing results. Not only did they have an impact in my business but in my personal life as well. Thank you Ann Marie. I can’t wait to work with you again!
I’ve worked with Ann Marie one-on-one and it was AMAZING! She really listens to you and makes you feel comfortable. Her transparency and love for what she does inspires me to do the same in the near future. I definitely recommend booking a session and workshops with her.
Marie-Eve Paulin
Massage Therapist
doTERRA Wellness Advocate

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