Jan 18th, 2020. 10 am-6 pm

Are you feeling the calling to step into your power and live more authentically this year?

We are entering a time on this planet where it’s imperative to live out of intention rather than out of habit.

To shift from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

And to do so from the heart.

2020 Clarity and Intention Day Retreat will begin with drinking ceremonial grade cacao which is known to invoke clarity and amplify the heart-centered intention setting process. We will then move into meditation to set the vibe for the day.

The afternoon will be an introduction to the Desire Map process. A heart centered approach to manifestation. You will discover a core desired feeling, one word to guide you in 2020, followed with intentions to honor and support how you want to feel in 2020.

The day will end with a breath journey to clear what no longer serves and anchor into your feelings and intentions with more clarity than ever before. The specific breath technique we will use, The Conscious Connected Breath, is a powerful way to move dense and stuck energy in the body, releasing and freeing yourself from what no longer serves, and creating space for your new intentions to fully integrate.

A healthy high-vibe lunch will also be served.

We hope you will join these empowering Lightworkers and other Soul Seekers for a magical retreat to create more joy, love, and abundance in 2020.

Hosted by Meghan Zuvelek SHEVOLVE

Facilitators: Ann Marie McKenzie – Master Desire Map Facilitator, Casey Edward – Alignment Meditation Coach, and Dawn Reynold – Ecstatic Breathworker.


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