Dec 8th, 3pm – 5pm

Breathe Squamish,1367 Winnipeg St, Squamish, BC V8B 0C4

Most of your education has focused solely on your academic intelligence but failed to teach you about emotional intelligence.
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the capacity to identify, understand, implement and manage emotions in an effective and positive way.
Having a high EQ allows you to:
*communicate better,
*reduce anxiety and stress,
*alleviate conflicts,
*have more meaningful relationships and conversations,
*empathize with others, and
*effectively overcome life’s challenges.
You, like most, have learned to do one of two things with your feelings: suppress or express.
Suppressing an emotion is sending it back to where the feeling came from. Then it gets trapped and creates dis-ease in the physical body. Not a solution….
Expressing emotions is a step in the right direction. Emotions want to move, hence e-motion.
Would you rather be at the mercy of your feelings, unable to control when and how you express them? Spilling the emotion onto co-workers, family members, anyone in the wake of its path….creating a myriad of more uncomfortable, confusing emotions….
OR gain the tools necessary to understand a feeling and how to express it in a healthy way?
Emotional Rescue (ER) is designed to build your EQ in a mindful and empowering way that will enhance your emotional well-being.
The activities and exercises are created to deepen your capacity to connect with your EQ in a fun and interactive environment, as well as learn how to trust and honorably channel our emotions.
To hear them, feel them, and accept them for the brilliant messengers they are. The language of your Soul.
The Positive Ripple Effects of ER:
Reduce Holiday Stress: Adequately prepare for family time and ‘busyness’ to feel in control of your time and your emotions – after all, your family is your biggest teacher when it comes to emotional triggers, and time is one of our most precious commodities.
Be The Eye of the Storm: Feel centered and grounded while maintaining a sense of calm during chaos.
Communicate Effectively How You Feel: Create deeper, more meaningful connections with loved ones and have the confidence to emotionally support them.  
Conflict and Drama: Understand the role you play in conflict and take responsibility for your actions to be free from drama.
Let Go: Empower yourself to let go and move with more ease when things are no longer serving you.
Channel Emotions: Understand how to channel emotional energy through practical tools rather than suppressing it or expressing it in unhealthy ways, enhancing your EQ, awareness, and wellbeing
Be Your Own EQ Guru: Manage and protect your own emotional energy with this loaded toolkit.
What You Can Expect:
Music + Body Movement: To connect to our emotions and guide is to channel our feelings and express them in a healthy way.
Essential Oils. To support your emotional energy body and raise your vibration.
Guided Meditations: Mantras and Mudras. Not all emotional wellness tools need to cost money. We literally have support at our fingertips.
Interactive Exercises. Reflections + Discussions: We learn better, together. And everything we need is already within us. You just forgot and I will be your guide to help you remember.
A Celebratory Beverage AND…..
Every participant will receive a sacred gift and will be entered into a draw for a stocking of beautiful gifts to support you EQ valued at $1000!!!!
How to prepare:
Invite your friends – once you raise your EQ you will want to be around other high vibe EQ people:) Wear comfortable clothing and anything you like for sitting comfortably on a floor. Bring a yoga mat and water bottle (there are mats to use if you don’t have one). Please be fragrance-free and well nourished.
Tickets are non-refundable but 100% transferable to another person or workshop.