GOALS: Forgiveness

Let’s turn our ideas about goal setting inside out and get back to the heart of what matters most – FEELING GOOD to create a handcrafted life you love!

Get Open About Living Soulfully (GOALS) is a monthly, online Masterclass of conscious conversations for Soul Seekers. At the heart of the matter, hustle has been put before the heart and our Soul is no longer on the agenda.

June’s deep, authentic, creative, connection will be about: FORGIVENESS

What does it mean to truly forgive?

Why is it important?

How can we learn to forgive? What tools and practices guide us to let go of what is no longer serving our heart?

This masterclass will include a guided meditation on forgiveness, as well as rituals and practices to support and deepen your forgiveness techniques.

Spin-off topics will always include holistic living, emotional intelligence, authentic self-leadership, core desired feelings and goals with Soul.

As a Master Desire Map Facilitator, Transformation Guide, and doTERRA Wellness Advocate, I counsel deeply through experience and understand all too well that life gets really messy before it becomes clear.

“Beautiful, thought-provoking, deep, soulful, life-changing workshops! I can’t even imagine where I would be if I hadn’t been introduced to Ann Marie. She was the catalyst for much needed and long overdue change in my life. Thank you for helping me get clear on what’s most important in my life and how I want to feel. Big, HUGE love & gratitude! Xoxo


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