The Desire Map for Business

Join Master Desire Map Facilitator, Ann Marie McKenzie for this virtual guided Soul transformation, for heart-centered entrepreneurs willing to manifest a life and business they love.

Being an entrepreneur can point you towards freedom, accomplishments, and feelings of success….. but…

all too often, you jump on the entrepreneurial wagon to realize it is stressful. The jump requires a lot of hard work and doesn’t always light you up or allow your gifts and talents to shine.

You implement strategies the way you see others operating, and yet it falls flat when you put plans into action.

You worry because you can’t find the time to do ‘it all’ or that there is too much competition and not enough to go around.

When you try to foster a more efficient way of doing things or be a catalyst for change, there is push-back, frustration, and resistance.

Figuring out ‘how’ becomes so overwhelming you wonder why you bother, creating analysis paralysis. And then nothing gets done.

That’s where the Desire Map for Business can help.

Through inner reflections and conscious conversations, you will peel back the layers of what isn’t working in all aspects of your life and work so you can develop a plan to change it. Determine what’s fueling your drive, where the gratitude lies, so you can expand on that.

Discovering how you want to feel in your life and business creates a compass for your decision making and allows you to move forward on projects and collaborations with more ease and confidence.

The Desire Map for Business will guide you to create a direct connection to collaborate with the Universe and generate more abundance, joy, and ease, allowing you to focus on being of service to the world with more kindness, compassion, and positivity. Doing the things you love.

Outcomes you can expect if you do the work wholeheartedly:

  • Strong understanding of living holistically, the benefits and what life areas to prioritize

  • Discover emotional intentionality and the power of knowing how you want to feel

  • Declare your Core Desired Feelings that represent all life areas, along with your business

  • Design Goals with more Soul to honour and support your core desired feelings

  • Create stop-doing lists to make space for your future

  • Understand the art of forgiveness and letting go so you can move forward

  • Strategize your business with a purpose to be in alignment with how you want to feel rather than constantly reactionary

  • Reduce stress, overwhelm and anxiety in your business decisions

  • Build a handcrafted life you love in 2020

Note* this is a small group atmosphere – everyone is welcome to share but no one will be expected to.

This workshop is for you if – your an established business owner who is willing and committed to doing approximately 20-25 hours of work and is ready to invest in themselves.

Workshop includes: The Desire Map 2.0 Workbook. The Desire Map for Business Workbook. 12 hours of instructional time with Master Desire Map Facilitator, Ann Marie McKenzie. Live Q + A. 30 mins of 1:1 individual virtual coaching. Six unique doTERRA roller balls – essential aromatics for emotional support valued at $180. 

Sessions will take place via ZOOM online every Tuesday and Thursday 12 pm – 1 pm PST, from March 10 – April 16th. Each session will be recorded and available for viewing during the course dates. 

Tickets are non-refundable but 100% transferable to another person or event.

Questions? Book a discovery call by emailing Ann Marie at info@annmariemckenzie.com.


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