Focus Creates Expansion

Someone said to me once ‘Annie, why do you bother?’

‘Excuse me?’ I replied. With an extremely defensive tone.

‘Why do you bother helping those kids, do you actually think you are making a difference?’

It was my boyfriend who said it. And we didn’t last much longer after that comment. Like most things in my twenties, they didn’t last long.

Back then I was working with kids at a private school, and let’s just say the kids weren’t bad kids, just kids that made some bad choices.

His comment came from an observation relating to my level of happiness. The fact was, I was making a difference, but I didn’t feel good doing it. So what was the point?

Fast forward to 2017, and I repeated the same pattern. I was giving of myself to make a difference, and yet I wasn’t living optimally. There was room for more joy and bliss.

I was armed with my core desired feelings and my goals with soul. But, what I wasn’t doing, was focusing on the goals I had chosen.

I got caught up in the old pattern of seeking outside of myself to obtain the feelings I was longing – luminous, rooted, in-flow with the Universe, authentic, abundance and freedom. And it wasn’t working. Again.

Somehow I was on two more boards. Working too many hours. My daily, non-negotiables were out the window. And I wasn’t sharing my story, traveling, hosting workshops or doing yoga each day.

When we are spread too thin, juggling too many balls or wearing too many hats, the difference we are able to make has minimal impact and the feel good feels are rare.

Focus creates expansion.

Now, no one questions the difference I make. In fact, people are gravitating to rally and asking how they can be a part of the change. And if I was asked why do I bother, I would confidently answer grounded in my mission to become the best possible version of myself. Knowing that the world will be a better place by starting with ourselves. By going within. And doing the deep work.

So why should you bother?

Because you my friend are worthy. You deserve happiness. And you are ONE person who can make a difference in this lifetime.