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Praise For Desire Mapping

‘The Desire Map Workshop will rock your world in the best way possible. It will get you in touch with how you WANT to feel and set you on track to feeling that way. Loved the experience and felt completely comfortable throughout the process. A highlight was the magical moments while in the woods and the light bulb moments throughout the workshop – the ‘AHA’s’. So thankful for the support to get me started on this next journey in my life.’

Colleen McLellan, Squamish BC

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How Do You Want To Feel?

In your heart, your body, your soul? When you wake up in the morning, when you say yay or nay, when your head hits the pillow? When you speak your peace, when you go after the life that you deserve?

THE DESIRE MAP WORKSHOP – LEVEL 1 is a program for clarifying what you truly want in every area of your life, and using that powerful awareness to guide your choices from now on. By discovering your ‘Core Desired Feelings’ (CDF’s), you will create a guidance system for your decision-making. A compass for your intuition, a GPS for your soul.

We’ll examine our perceptions around feelings and uncover truths about emotional intentionality + emotional literacy. (Emotional what? Don’t worry – you know more than you think, and if not, we will learn together!) We’re going to burn limiting beliefs – BRULE’s (bullshit rules) figuratively, and maybe literally.


You will be guided through 5 life areas, to explore your most desired feelings in:

Lifestyle + Livelihood

Creativity + Learning

Body + Wellness

Relationships + Society

Essence + Spirituality

You will make some soul-anchored declarations and attach them to every day plans. Poetic to the practical.


The Desire Map Workshop – Level 2 is the practical application of the Core Desired Feelings that participants identify in the Level 1 Workshop. This is where the soul becomes … strategized.

We’ll explore perceptions of goals and goal-setting, especially in relationship to ambition, external approval and success. Identify patterns of behavior related to goals and goal-setting that have been restricting our capacity for freedom.

You will discover intentions that are aligned with your CDF’s, and create a plan to support those goals/intentions. Goals with more soul.

What to expect in LEVEL 1 + 2 WORKSHOPS?

Will be created, inner and outer – an altar, backed by a great music playlist, aromatherapy to activate the senses and clear negative energy, all tied together with shared intentions

With Mother Nature and other workshop participants is essential (in my opinion) to connect with ourselves. Utilizing nature’s playground will be a catalyst used for change – activities are offered seasonally and based on workshop location. Hiking, paddling, snowshoeing, hula-hooping are among the most popular

For mind, body, soul … and spirit. This comes in many forms – food wise, everything is made from scratch and with deep love by yours truly. Expect high frequency food + drink sourced locally (as much as possible)

Conversations will take place by offering up our own inner wisdom on spirituality, BRULE’s (bullshit rules) that dim our light, and how to honour our authentic self

Meditations, yoga and poetry to center the heart, access intuition, and soothe the soul

Paramount when shifting our perspectives and focusing on what feels good. Writing and reflecting in the Desire Map Workbook (included in workshop) is essential to the outcomes

(Practicing gratitude, letting go) will be explored to enlighten, empower, liberate and support you, even after the workshop – because unfortunately, life is not a Desire Map Workshop

What’s a gathering of sister fire without impromptu dance parties, happy hour and goody bags filled with sacred gifts?



Plan for aha’s and hallelujahs. After declaring their core desired feelings, people have been known to make changes. Transformative changes more aligned with their spirit. You may quit stuff, launch something, stand up, shine brighter, ask for more.


You may feel the way you’ve always wanted to!

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