We live in a busy world and teens are often overwhelmed and overstimulated from too many streams of consciousness.

And as adults, we often expect teenagers to be able to handle the same pressures and stressors that we do.

Because they look and sometimes act like adults we assume they have the emotional maturity to handle adult situations. It’s easy to feel frustrated with your teen when they lack cognizant awareness and are emotionally illiterate.

But the truth is…..

Teenagers are still learning. We expect so much from them, but they are still developing and deepening their sense of self.

And because of this, they need more caring adults in their lives who listen to them so they can feel seen and heard. And grow into caring and compassionate adults.

Teenagers want the tools to help them navigate life’s biggest challenges…….

And to learn about and then raise awareness for things that matter to them.

They want to have positive, healthy relationships — they just don’t know how.

In fact…..

They crave it.

This is where PowHer can be of enormous benefit to your teen.

It’s an experiential program that introduces youth to the fundamentals of emotional literacy, holistic living and goal setting that feels good!

Through activities, art projects, and discussions, youth learn to connect with and understand their feelings, as well as communicate emotions positively, in a fun and supportive environment.

Participants will uncover dive into all areas of life and learn the importance of tapping into each on a daily basis.

Each PowHer session is intended to give teens the opportunity to be heard and empower them to navigate some of life’s difficult challenges by setting intentions that not only feel good, but encourage and lead them to discover their authentic Universal PowHer!

Teens  can stand in their PowHer when they:

>>>Are given the freedom to feel the way they want to feel

>>>Can connect to all aspects of life….mind, body, and soul.

>>>Are supported and deeply connected by inspiring people and places.

>>>Have passion and purpose.

But most importantly, for a teenager to stand in their PowHer they need access to learning tools that will guide them to be their authentic selves.

Because…… without the confidence to be who they are, none of this is possible.

This program will engage and encourage your child to develop the life skills necessary to build self-esteem and to be of service to the world while inspiring others to do the same.

When we teach youth to stand in their own PowHer, we create compassionate, empathetic leaders who truly understand that the world needs more love.

Love for themselves, others and the planet.

There are several sessions in the PowHer program. Each can be done individually as 2-3 hour session or hosted as multiple day events.

It is recommended, to begin with an Introductory PowHer session, and all other sessions can be done in any order. Here is a break down of each session along with a brief description.

  • Intro to PowHer: Emotional literacy, mindfulness, holistic living and setting goals that feel good – this session sets the foundation for the program.
  • No More Conflama in my Life: Drama and conflict resolutions to create a positive tribe of people, the art of saying no, and the practice of forgiveness
  • #YourHigherSelfie: Being your authentic self online and navigating social media 
  • Mo Money, Less Problems: Creating a positive money mindset (COMING SOON)
  • The Desire Map – create core desired feelings that represent all areas of life and a set of goals with soul to honor those feelings. This portion is approximately 12 hours total and can be done in two days or several smaller sessions.

PowHer represents both the masculine (Pow) and Feminine (Her) and is welcoming of all genders, sexualities, and cultures.

Group rates available. Email info@annmariemckenzie.com pricing and dates.