The Desire Map Workshop made me feel alive and refocused. As a busy professional and mom, I forget to take time for myself that is productive and life changing. This was a such a small investment compared to what I got out of this training.

Ann Marie, as a facilitator is amazing. I love Annie because she is “real”. She is not “out there”. I find so many of these “new age” type courses just too “out there”. Annie makes this real.

The biggest ‘ah-ha’ moment I discovered through the workshop is that I love my life and am so glad it did not end up how I planned. If my life is where I wanted it when I was 19, I would have not lived at all. This course taught me to grow up and work on the hard stuff in order to feel how I deserve to feel.

The truthbombs (inspiring quotes) were a workshop highlight. I absolutely hated my first truthbomb and I almost didn’t sign up for the course because I hated it so very much. But, it set my path and changed my professional life, so now I am forever grateful for the once hated truthbomb. My very very favorite “Be the kind of person you want to fall in love with”. The one I hated, “WORK FOR LOVE”.

If you want to move forward and create the life that you always dreamed of, if you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done. Go for it. Sign up for a Desire Map Workshop. Even if it is just to work on one tiny area of your life. It’s worth it!

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