Your Higher Selfie

We live in a busy world where teens are overwhelmed and overstimulated. As adults we often expect teenagers to be able to handle the same pressures and stressors that we do. Because they look and sometimes act like adults, we assume they have the emotional maturity to handle adult situations. It’s easy to feel frustrated with teens when they lack cognizant awareness and are emotionally illiterate.

But the truth is…

Teenagers are still learning. And it’s up to us to empower and inspire them to keep developing and deepening their sense of self in intentional ways. They need more caring adults in their lives who listen so they can feel seen and heard—growing into caring, compassionate adults who feel passionate and purposeful about their life.

Teenagers want the tools to help them navigate life’s biggest challenges. And to learn about and then raise awareness for things that matter to them.

They want to have positive, healthy relationships—they just don’t know how.

In fact… They crave it.

This is where Your Higher Selfie can be of enormous benefit to teens.

It’s an experiential program that empowers youth with the fundamentals of emotional literacy, holistic living and goal setting to build a handcrafted life they love.
Through activities, art projects, reflections and discussions, youth learn to connect with and understand their feelings, as well as communicate emotions positively, in a fun and supportive environment.
Participants will discover the importance of living holistically and the benefits that enhance their emotional, social, mental and physical wellbeing. Each module will give youth opportunities to navigate some of life’s difficult challenges by setting intentions that not only feel good but encourages and leads them to discover their own values.
  • When you feel the way you want to feel, you are Your Higher Selfie.
  • When you connect to all aspects of your life, mind, body, and soul, you are Your Higher Selfie.
  • When you are supported and deeply connected by inspiring people and places, you are Your Higher Selfie.
  • When you have passion and purpose, you are Your Higher Selfie.
  • Your Higher Selfie means being your authentic self.
  • Your Higher Selfie means being a leader and in service to the world.
  • Your Higher Selfie enlightens and inspires others to do the same.

When youth are empowered to be their best self, we create compassionate, empathetic and authentic leaders who truly understand that the world needs more love.

Love for ourselves, others and the planet.

Your Higher Selfie Modules

Who I am? Who are You? And what does it all mean?

The Introduction. Speaking the language.

Exploring all Aspects of Life

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Environmental, Social, Education, Inner Truth, Community, Creativity. Culture. Diversity. Sexuality.

Feelings First

An Intro to Emotional Literacy to Build your EQ.

Fear Setting. The Dark Side

Let’s go there. Then shed some light.

Goal Setting + Dreaming Big

Passion. Purpose. And building a handcrafted life you love.

No More Conflama in My Life: The Conflict Drama Triangle

“No” is a Complete Sentence. Setting healthy boundaries. Building a circle of self.

Stop to Start.

What we must stop doing is just as important as what we start doing.

Forgiveness + Letting Go

The past is only as relevant as you think it is.

Prioritizing Choices to Build a Life We Love

What and who really matter.

Mo’ Money Less Problems

Changing our mindset on financial abundance and freedom.

Mindfulness + Meditation

Keeping our WHY the most important question to live a life awake and on purpose.

Building a Good Vibe Tribe

It takes a village. So let’s build it.

Giving Back

Creating abundance through giving.

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